Instant Tea Powder


Instant Green Tea Extract Powder

Source: Steamed green tea, stir-fried green tea, baked green tea, etc.


Color of solution: Bright and transparent


Flavor: Rich in green tea’s aroma and taste


Type: Many different types with different aroma and taste


Production flow: Low temperature extraction, concentration, low temperature spray dry



1. Beverage and drinks: Instant soluble tea, tea bag, milk tea, ice tea, weight loss tea, fruit tea,fruit drinks, functional drinks, etc.

2. Food supplement: Tablet, chewable tablet, effervescent tablet


Package: 25kg/fiber drum


Storage: Sealed package stored in dry, cool, ventilated place

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Instant Green Tea Powder

> Instant Tea Powder

Functional Activity:

Product name:Instant Green Tea Extract Powder


Raw material:Green tea leaves

Appearance:Light yellow powder


Feature:Water soluble, clear solution

Applicaton:Beverages, food, dietary supplements

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