Instant Tea Powder


Matcha Powder

Introduction: Matcha powder is the powder of steamed green tea. It is originated from China, because famous in Japan.


Ingredients: Tea polyphenol, caffeine, free amino acids, chlorophyll, protein, aromatic substance, cellulose, vitamins, microelements, etc.



1. Pure nature, organic

2. No additive

3. 100% from steamed green tea

4. Different types of Matcha powder from different green tea varieties



1. Foods: mooncake, cookie, egusi, ice cream, noodle, chocolate, cake, bread, Jelly, candy, etc.

2. Drinks: canned drink, solid drink, milk, yoghourt, weight loss tea, etc.

3. Cosmetics: beauty products, facial mask, pressed powder, soap, shampoo, etc.


Package: 20kg/carton, 25kg/fiber drum

Storage: Sealed package stored in dry, cool, ventilated place

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Matcha Powder

> Instant Tea Powder

Functional Activity:

Product name:Matcha Powder


Raw material:Green tea leaves

Appearance:Green powder

Item No.:MC-MTP

Feature:Different green colors

Applicaton:Beverages, food, dietary supplement, cosmetics

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